What We Do

Projects, Events and Initiatives

The NSDC undertakes the following projects, events and initiatives in order to raise awareness of; improve the quality of life of; and effectively consult the Stolen Generations:

The Australian Schools National Sorry Day Program

A program that involves the NSDC working with schools across Australia to support teachers as they plan events to commemorate National Sorry Day and to celebrate the Anniversary of the Apology, and to help teachers integrate and embed learning on the Stolen Generations throughout the school year. The NSDC's resources are designed to support the Australian Curriculum.

Community Event Management and Promotion

The NSDC has organised and held National Sorry Day events since 1998, and events to mark the Anniversary of the Apology since 2009, primarily in Canberra and in Sydney (where the majority of the organisation’s staff and Executive Committee members are located). From 2013, the NSDC will work increasingly to invest its resources into encouraging and supporting schools, community groups, government departments and services, and private companies to hold their own events to mark these dates of significance. By doing so we hope to achieve a wider, more national network of events being held each year that promote awareness of both the history of the Stolen Generations and of the ongoing challenges that they and their families and communities face.

Membership Expansion and Engagement

The NSDC is working to increase its membership in order to become an increasingly relevant and representative advocate for the Stolen Generations. The NSDC will launch this newly re-designed website in September 2012, which will allow the NSDC to better communicate with its members, friends and supporters. A biannual newsletter will be launched later in the year that will keep members, friends and supporters informed of our work and of developments in the Stolen Generations sector more generally.

This newsletter will be sent out by email, and by post where necessary.

Policy and Program Advice

The NSDC also provides expert policy and program advice in a variety of Commonwealth forums including:

The Stolen Generations Working Partnership (SGWP) is a partnership of seven Federal Government departments and the National Sorry Day Committee, the National Stolen Generations Alliance, and Link Up services from across Australia, that work to address priorities for meeting the interests and needs of the Stolen Generations. The NSDC produces an annual Scorecard that measures progress against the Partnership’s priorities. From 2013 the SGWP will have identified performance indicators that will be measured on an annual basis, with the Scorecard becoming the performance measurement tool.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing Framework Working Group

NSDC is a member of this group, which is revising the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social and Emotional Wellbeing Framework 2004-2009, with a view to developing a renewed Framework. NSDC is working to ensure that any revised Framework is accompanied by an implementation plan and necessary funding.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Advisory Group (ATSIMHAG)

NSDC currently holds observer status on the ATSIMHAG, which is chaired by Aboriginal psychologist Professor Pat Dudgeon and provides advice on Indigenous mental health issues to the Department of Health and Ageing.

ATSIMHAG Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) Working Group

NSDC is a member of this working group, which has developed 16 recommendations for the ATAPS Operational Guidelines

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia's (PSA) Mental Health Care Project: Developing a framework for pharmacists as partners in the mental health care team

NSDC lodged a submission with the project team emphasising the need for cultural competence in pharmacies, the need for reform in relation to the Commonwealth's S100 program and gaps in the Closing the Gap pharmaceutical provisions.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB) Program Review

NSDC is a member of the Steering Committee overseeing the review of the Department of Health and Ageing's Social and Emotional Wellbeing Program which funds just over 100 SEWB counsellors nationally, who have responsibility for addressing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander SEWB issues. NSDC has provided extensive advice to the consultants conducting the review and hopes to see a significant re-development of the program as a result of the review.  

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