About NSDC Membership

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The NSDC actively encourages individuals and organisations from across Australia to apply to become members of the organisation.

NSDC members are eligible to participate in and vote at the organisation's Annual General Meeting (AGM), normally held in October or November each year.

Members are also invited to communicate with the NSDC about the most pressing issues that they feel face the Stolen Generations, in order that the NSDC can remain an informed and effective advocate for the Stolen Generations.

We are working to build our membership and engagement base generally, and in the Stolen Generations sector in particular.

We would particularly encourage the following groups to consider becoming NSDC Members:

- Stolen Generations individuals
- Stolen Generations regional organisations
- Link Up Services
- Aboriginal Medical Services and Aboriginal Health Workers
- Social and Emotional Wellbeing services and workers
- Indigenous psychologists and other mental health professionals
- University-based and other researchers with a track record in this area.

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