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The NSDC offer a range of membership options - some are annual memberships, whilst others are three year memberships. Stolen Generations are eligible to apply for a one year membership, free of charge. 

Stolen Generations Member

Find out about how to become an NSDC Stolen Generations Voting Member, free of charge!

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Individual Member

Find out how to become an NSDC Individual Voting Member!

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Organisational Member

Find out how to become an NSDC Organisational Voting Member!

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School Program Member Registration

School teachers are encouraged to complete this registration form in order to become a member of the NSDC's Australian Schools National Sorry Day Program, free of charge.

You will then be able to access information about upcoming Apology Anniversary and National Sorry Day events, as well as resources that will help you plan your own events and to prepare lessons on the history of the Stolen Generations!

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