New NSDC Website launched today!

26th Oct 12

For our regular website visitors, you may have noticed something a little different today - we have now launched our new website!

We have embraced a fresh new look and feel this time around. We are certain the redesign, additional up to date content and intuitive lay out will make browsing our website a more enjoyable and informative experience altogether!

Some of the most significant changes to the website include:

  • Interactive graphics on our home page that direct browsers to information on National Sorry Day, the Anniversary of the Apology, how to get involved with the work of the NSDC, what merchandise we have available, and the latest news from the NSDC and from across the Stolen Generations sector; 
  • A breakdown of the different policy and program areas where we use our advocacy in order to achieve improved outcomes for the Stolen Generations;
  • New pages that explain the significance of the new Australian Curriculum, and what it means for teachers and students learning about the Stolen Generations; 
  • A clear and accessible area for teachers to read about our Australian Schools National Sorry Day Program and the benefits of signing up, free of charge; and
  • New areas where browsers can find out about the NSDC staff and Executive, how to volunteer or work for the NSDC, and how to become a member of the NSDC as a way of having a positive influence over the direction of the organisation.
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